Bath Allergy Luxe Bed Bug Mattress Protectors

The happenings buzz in market – Bed bath Allergy Luxe bed bug mattress protectors – was introduced as a bed bug ‘barrier’. It has proved to be magnanimously effective up to date. Its features are:

  1. Machine washable and dryer friendly.
  2. Reinforced seams and Zipper technique.
  3. Allergen, bacteria and mite resistant.
  4. Bugs proof – impenetrable fabric.

With such anti-bug technology used in the making, Bed bath and beyond mattress protector has become the most sought after and secure protection available; because of this other brands are facing a tough competition. Apart from getting a truly effective product to prevent bed bugs from breeding in your bed, you’ll end up spending quite a handsome amount in the transaction.

If your problem is not bed bugs but ticks or spiders or fleas, then do not go in for different protectors for all three. You may get lured into buying bug-specific products. But let me tell you that it is of no use. Insects like fleas, spiders, chiggers or ticks do not burrow into your mattress and breed inside like the bed bugs. Hence, it is less complicated to get rid of these creatures.

Spiders are venomous Arachnids of the order Araneae. They are found all over the world, except Antarctica. Although all the local symptoms of spider bites are same as that of other toxic bugs (redness, swelling, itchiness and pain), people should be concerned when such symptoms tend to increase even after 24 hours. Bath Allergy Luxe spider mattress protectors are the same as bed bugs mattress. It’s just that you need to be extra careful when you spot a spider; otherwise all those cobwebs might scare you.

Ticks and chiggers are also Arachnids. Tick is a tiny, wingless insect having four pairs of legs with a suction cup attached to each (to suck blood as their food). Soft ticks are not such a nuisance but hard ticks are the vectors of many diseases – especially for your pet dog. How I wish that a Bath Allergy Luxe tick mattress protector existed. However, the mattress protector devised by Bed bath and beyond can save these insects from crawling up to your bed.

Fleas are wingless insects of the order of Siphonaptera. They are external parasites surviving on the blood of mammals. Different types of flea survive on different hosts. Fleas do not like to stay in one place, for example – your bed, for a longer time. They jump from host to host and hide eggs around your upholstery, carpet, sofas and even on your pets. A product like Bath Allergy Luxe flea mattress protector has not been introduced in the market yet. On the contrary, other mattress pads etc are available in the market for your pets. If you still want flea protection for yourself, then buy any bugs proof protector.

Hey folks, in order to have a calm life with proper bath clean rest bed bug mattress protectors must be on your priority list. It can save you from bed bugs and many more horrible pests.

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