To keep your mattress or box spring safe during storage, start using specially designed bed bug mattress storage products. We provide products that are bed bug proof engineered. We provide strong, durable, waterproof, bugs proof and impervious storage bags. There are many companies offering you similar products, but feel the difference once you buy such mattress storage bags from us.

I’ve seen people behave frantically when itchy red welts develop on their skin, without them knowing the cause. If you get up in the morning and find red bulges on your back, torso and legs then be sure you’ve got uninvited guests called bed bugs. Bed bugs, as well as their bites, are rather very annoying and the itchy sensation does not end easily. While you try to locate the culprit bed bug how to store a mattress that is infected, becomes the query of the day. With proper location of bed bug mattress moving is not a tough task. Check your mattress or box spring or bedding if it shows any signs of bed bugs, like dark stains or dead bugs etc. If you find your mattress to be in a clear position, then move to a safe high rack where bed bugs wouldn’t like to go, or store it in a mattress bag. It could also end up in the opposite way. So, if you find it to be an infested bed bug mattress rack should be avoided. Rather you must keep the infected mattress in the storage bag. The storage bag denies both- entry and exit of bugs.

Now that we have offered you the best existing solution for mattress storage, let us move on to furniture safety. Bed bugs are very small in size and like hiding in seams of beds, curtains, sofas, cracks and crevices on walls, flooring, upholstery etc. Hence, it is crucial that we save our prized furniture beginning from scratch. The best way to start bed bug furniture storage is to keep all the belongings in self-storage units.

Improvement of your home after an attack of bed bug Home Depot would prove to be a good option to shop in. After all, even they’re offering discounts seeing the number of ‘grieving’ bed bug victims.

Fleas do not burrow in mattress or beddings; they prefer to hop around from one host to another. Yet buying a flea mattress storage product would prove to be of ample use. At the end of the day, you would not be complaining that fleas bit you when you were sleeping.

Talking about those wall-crawlers (I mean spiders), a product for spider mattress storage prevents the creep to spin cobwebs around your stuff and reproduce on your bed as such. Anti mosquito mattress storage products act as strong repellents keeping the stingers far away from your warm blood.

Spending a small amount of money for the prevention of bed bugs and other uninvited insects sounds like an intriguing idea to me; especially when you get to control their moves.

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