Flea mattress protection products will top your priority list if you care for your pet. Considered to be your dog’s best friend, flea mattress protection products offered by us are unique and effective. Once you buy our specially designed flea mattress protector, stay rest assured that your beloved pet will sleep soundly and have gala time seeing the fleas run away from his bed.

Fleas are wingless insects of the order of Siphonaptera. They are external parasites surviving on the blood of mammals. Different types of flea survive on different hosts. For example, the rat flea prefers rodents than pets. Similarly, dog flea which also goes in for cats does not prefer having human hosts. Ctenocephalides felis (cat flea) and Ctenocephalides canis (dog flea) are the culprits that bite your beloved pets. The effect of fleas bites are seen instantaneously. Red raised bumps on the back, flea allergy; tapeworms disease and harsh skin are some of the general effects of flea bites on dogs and cats.

Human flea (Pulex irritans) prefers to dine on the blood of humans, but it has a wide range of hosts at hand too. Usually people develop red rashes and itching is felt thoroughly. Yet, there are very few cases in which fleas have infested beds. They do not burrow mattresses, yet they tend to hide below the seams etc.

A flea mattress pad is engineered to ward off the fleas and act as an impermeable layer for fleas and other similar bugs. It is complemented by a flea mattress cover that acts as a spread sheet providing a soft smooth layer to the pad. Hence with the help of a flea mattress security is restored to both humans as well as their pets. Once the hot and humid flea-favorable season is over, flea mattress storage methods can be tried out. For this purpose, we are gifting you a flea mattress bag. Use our flea protection products and when all fleas are eradicated, keep the stuff inside the bag. No harm would be caused to the protection kit while it lies in the storage bag.

A flea infestation takes very less time to spread out. Moreover, your furniture and upholstery are the hot spots of flea reproduction. Pets tend to move around the house and unknowingly become the discovery medium of new flea breeding areas. Dogs sit on sofas, chairs and your naughty kittens mess around with other stuff transporting fleas to farthest of the areas. Flea furniture protection methods must be practised immediately after you find your pet scratching away in vain. Literally speaking, fleas extend their colonies to all parts of the house. They’re on the curtains, carpets, sofas, beds and antiques! (Good Heavens!)

Antiques mattress protection is the next step we are suggesting for you to save your precious timeless beauties. Thorough vacuuming and washing of all the infested stuff must be carried out. Flea mattress insurance is the kind of promise that we can give you. And finally if you still find that the situation is out of control we are there to help you with every possible solution.

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