Tiny lice sheets humans’ as well as their pet’s hair. Infestation of lice on the human body (known as pediculosis) is very common. On a worldwide scale, lice infestation cases are millions in number. Occasionally, lice can be the cause of significant illnesses like, typhus etc. However, it is very embarrassing to experience itching because of lice.

In case of New York, there is a no headlice sheets policy; but no longer a no nits sheets policy. According to this policy, children found to be having head lice, would be sent home and excluded from school, until they are lice-free. Eggs of lice are known as nits. Head louse and pubic louse attach their nits to head or body hair, while body louse attaches its nits to our clothes. These nits need human body warmth to hatch, and if removed from the hair, they cannot survive much longer. In order to treat louse sheets, people have come across some very effective treatments. Keeping in mind that no procedure is 100% effective, and there might be nits in your hair hatching every moment, people tend to panic a lot.

According to lice fact sheet, it is rare to find an infested lice dog; yet it is possible. Most people think that fleas or ticks are the only insects that attack their pest, but they hardly know about dog lice, or canine lice (gray wingless parasites). Often, it is assumed that lice that attack humans are the ones trying to take over cats, dogs and other pets too. But this is just a myth; considering the fact that due to an infestation of human head lice sheets, dog cannot be affected and vice-versa. Sheets pubic lice are even rarer to find amongst dogs and other pets.

Alice sheetsa hair-care salon that takes care of damaged hair. So people of New York drop in to Alice’s after removal of sheets head lice and pamper your hair with the soothing hair treatments.

Allergens like dust and dust mites sheets have posed major health threat to people nowadays. Dust is the causative factor of breathing problems, while dust mites help themselves to the places where dust has settled. In all the cases, these hazardous organisms can make hell exist just at your bed. So, beware!

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