Bed Bug Bedding

With the emergence of big brands in bed protection manufactures, various bed bug bedding protectors are now available in market. The need for extreme prevention finally arose when grieving bed bugs victims started looking out for treatment. It is necessary to note that prevention measures are better and cost much less than curing methods. Hence, it is recommended that you practise preventive procedures rather than taking the pains of extermination. Continue reading “Bed Bug Bedding”

About Spiders

Spiders are a major problem to have them in the house. All species of these arthropods are not dangerous. The one which are, bite only if in danger or accidentally touched e.g. in shoes or clothing etc. Spider-bite can cause a reaction in a person who is allergic to them. It may be as unnoticeable as a wasp sting or so severe that sometimes hospitalisation of the affected person is necessary. It might even lead to death. Some spiders are very dangerous and Continue reading “About Spiders”

About Squirrels

Squirrels are a major problem in many houses these days. Even though it looks cute and cuddly, it can be extremely vicious as its attacks are a common thing. They also carry fleas and other parasites which could be passed to your home. They are a part of the rodent family which is well known for their habits to chew through things. If it does get into your home it could chew through woodwork, cables, tear through loft insulation and it can even drown in water Continue reading “About Squirrels”

About Cockroach

A cockroach has been one of our oldest enemies since ancient period and still they are surviving adapting the changes in environment. They are the wicked insect of nature found all over the world; and it’s next to impossible to kick them out of our house, doesn’t matter how hard we try using many advion cockroach gel bait. It is a nocturnal insect so difficult for you to find them out in day time. The favourite hideout of cockroaches is under refrigerator, gas, kitchen cabinet, cervices of wall.
Continue reading “About Cockroach”