Many simple garden design are nurturing type: as Mother Nature. People say they have a “green thumb”, because they could make anything grow. Is the growth of your personality type? It seems a silly question: is there a green in the garden? Most people think that automatically appears in the green garden. The leaves and stems are almost always green. But green can also be used as an accent color itself, but it is often overlooked – like the individual to maintain – a teacher, a preacher, a farmer.

Why garden color a try? Many psychologists have studied the effect of color on the human psyche for years. Colour reflects both our current and emotions cause certain emotions from us. In other words, if you are satisfied, you can wear a yellow shirt to work. Yellow is a cheerful color. If you look on the wall in the office of the doctor, they are most likely blue or other soothing colors. Green is the color of growth and maintenance. Used in the garden, a sense of freedom.

Many people focus on the brightly colored flowers – red, yellow, and orange, but they ignore some simple green can do for the garden. This is important because the park – and the rest of your home – should reflect your personality. If you are a caregiver, leave the green came out and showed it to be your sanctuary. Using green in the garden has a twofold effect. Firstly, by filling the garden with green background, other colors stand out more vividly. Green in the garden help to achieve this. Green also has a secondary effect. This gives the appearance of gardens, lush sound. It’s nice to see the different flowers in the garden, but if you fill the area between them with some greenery, which makes the whole landscape seemed to jump to life.

So when it comes to your garden, whether you love and nurturing side in the foreground? Can your neighbors see the effect of your green thumb? With careful placement of some green, you can make your garden to life and make it an extension of yourself. After all, you spend a lot of time, effort and money in the simple garden design.

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